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Welcome to the event portal for this #BCTConf session. Following are a few Q&As to help answer your questions. If you have other questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us. Learn more about Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries' other conferences and training events at

If you have already registered, scroll down to the bottom to see instructions on how to access the videos and the live host meetings.

When/How can I register?

The $199 early-bird registration price is available until 5/14/2021; after that, the price will be $229.

Once registration is open, click on either of the turquoise Register buttons on this page and select the Track for which you'd like to register.

How is this conference different from our past conferences?

This past year forced us (along with the rest of the world) to reevaluate everything, and it allowed us to specifically step back and ask ourselves, "How can we improve the conference experience for our guests?" Following are some of the changes that resulted from that evaluation process.

Reduced Pricing: Instead of single guests paying from $285 to $335, their cost is now $199 to $229, and instead of couples paying $480 to $530, their cost is now $398 to $458.

Increased Choices: Our conference attendees can now choose to attend the conference in-person or virtually. They can choose to download 1 of 2 different versions of digital notes for free, or they can purchase a physical notebook for $29.99.

Greater Flexibility: All of our conference guests will have 30-day on-demand access to all of the lectures after the close of the conference. Please note that one of natural results of this option is that registration fees are no longer refundable, nor are they transferable to other individuals because, even if you are unable to attend in-person, you will still have on-demand access to your track's sessions for 30 days after the close of the conference.

Where can I find/view the track schedules?

On the Agenda tab. The default view displays all of the tracks; select a specific track to view only that track's session.

Where can I find the digital notes for my track's sessions?

At least two weeks before the start of the conference, two sets of PDFs will appear in the Documents tab of this event portal (but they will only be visible to those who have registered).

One set will contain all of the notes for your track's sessions with the blanks filled in and the other one with the blanks unfilled. Download the file of your choice to print your notes in advance or to save to your favorite note-taking app (here's a short tutorial video explaining how to use a PDF Digital Markup Tool).

Can I order a physical notebook?

Yes, you'll be given the option to order a physical notebook for $29.99 when you register. If you order after May 31st, we are not able to guarantee that the notebook will arrive before the first weekend.

Where can I find my track's live sessions and/or on-demand videos?

On June 10th at noon, a large turquoise "Live Host Meetings and On Demand Videos" banner will appear at the top if this event portal; click on that banner to access the Virtual Event Organizer (VEO).

The My Itinerary tab of the VEO will list all of the sessions that have a live session attached to them. Click on a session's title to open it and then click on the turquoise Access Session button to join the live session. Here is a short video that walks you through the process.

The Resources tab of the VEO will contain all of the on-demand videos available for your track sorted alphabetically. Use the search field to quickly and easily find selected videos. 

The Live Meetings with the track hosts will be conducted through Microsoft Teams. If you are not familiar with using Microsoft Teams, here is a short instructional video to walk you through the process. There is also a PDF form of the instructions under the documents tab.

Featured Speakers
Photo of Jeremy Pierre
Jeremy Pierre
Chair of the Department of Biblical Counseling, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Photo of Kevin Carson
Kevin Carson
Pastor, Sonrise Baptist Church (Ozark, MO)
Photo of Steve Viars
Steve Viars
Senior Pastor of Faith Church (Lafayette, IN), Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries
Photo of Stuart Scott
Stuart Scott
Track 1 Foundational (Virtual)
Track 2 Intermediate (Virtual)
Track 3 Advanced (Virtual)
Track 4 Ongoing (Virtual)
Track 5 Exam Prep (Virtual)
Track 6 Women’s Topics (Virtual)