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Primary Contact:
Janice Jaicks
Email | Alt Email | +14805703398

Event Coordinators:
Gretchen Carter
Email | +14805776353 | +14804613888

Joanna Ferguson
Email | +16232299466 | +16232299466

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AquaCon 2021
AquaCon 2021
Sun, May 23, 2021


AquaCon is an amazing opportunity to get your "feet wet" and get more tools than you can imagine. Join veteran aqua trainers Connie Lagerhausen and Janice Jaicks as they share their specialty moves so that your classes can have variety, safety and fun!


Arrowhead Pool

1475 W Erie St

Chandler, AZ 85224

Follow the steps below to learn about AquaCon 2021 and register.

STEP 1: Use the menu to the left to view the AGENDA.

STEP 2: Use the SPEAKERS tab to read about who will be participating in our conference. The CEC tab has general award amounts listed at this time and will have a download of the AquaCon CEC Grid soon. The PRICING tab features all prices and deadlines.

STEP 3: When you have decided which workshops you want on your schedule, click REGISTER > Conference Registration and complete the process! You will receive a confirmation email and updates as we get closer to the event.


Summary Agenda
Sunday, May 23
8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
AquaCon Full Conference $157
8:30 AM to 11:00 AM
Aqua Progressions II $99
11:15 AM to 12:15 PM
Aqua Effort $29
1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
Innovative Ways To Make ‘em Move $29
2:15 PM to 3:15 PM
H2O Aqua HIIT Boot Camp (Combat Connie) $29
3:30 PM to 4:00 PM
Aqua Yoga - included for free with purchase of any other workshop
Selection Options
US Dollar
aquacon full day registration
AquaCon Full Conference $157
AquaCon Full Conference $157
18/30 LEFT $ 157.00 
Sunday May 23, 2021 @  08:00:AM  —  04:00:PM MST


Aqua Progressions II with Janice Jaicks

Aqua Effort with Connie Lagerhausen

Innovative Ways To Make ‘em Move with Connie Lagerhausen & Janice Jaicks

H2O Aqua HIIT Boot Camp (Combat Connie) 

Aqua Yoga with Connie Lagerhausen 

aquacon single workshops
Aqua Progressions II $99
Aqua Progressions II $99
16/20 LEFT $ 99.00 
Sunday May 23, 2021 @  08:30:AM  —  11:00:AM MST

This course is for the instructor that has taken Aqua Progressions I or that has some experience teaching water aerobics. Learn how to create a top-notch water aerobics class that is appropriate for all populations. The initial 60-minute practical pool training will walk you through cardio movements with options for special populations, how to transition effectively, how many repetitions you should do to be effective, how to demonstrate and motivate on the deck and in the water, and how to make the most out of your choreography. Suspended and standing core work will be included. Next, experience Janice’s 45-minute Balance class. Practice time and laminated handouts are included! This is a four-hour course worth four credits. A 1.5 hour module and quiz must be completed online prior to the in-person course. 

Aqua Effort $29
Aqua Effort $29
20/20 LEFT $ 29.00 
Sunday May 23, 2021 @  11:15:AM  —  12:15:PM MST

How much effort are your water aerobics participants using when they exercise? Do you ever feel that they are just going through the motions during your class with little or no real exertion? Using a percentage- based method, Connie has developed a technique that will make them aware of the different levels of intensity. By using this formula in your classes, it will assist you to help your clients better understand the aerobic and anaerobic effects of a water discipline. The methodology in this class can be used for all aqua- based classes, including swimming, aqua running, water walking and can also be transferred easily for use with their land-based activities. Make the effort! 

Innovative Ways To Make ‘em Move $29
Innovative Ways To Make ‘em Move $29
18/20 LEFT $ 29.00 
Sunday May 23, 2021 @  01:00:PM  —  02:00:PM MST

Jump in for a workshop full of fun cardio moves, Tabata (interval techniques), strength training, water games and more. You won't want to miss this action-packed session with Janice and Connie that will leave you with more ideas and motivation than your aqua shoes can handle! 

H2O Aqua HIIT Boot Camp (Combat Connie) $29
H2O Aqua HIIT Boot Camp (Combat Connie) $29
19/20 LEFT $ 29.00 
Sunday May 23, 2021 @  02:15:PM  —  03:15:PM MST

Attention Water Warriors -- take the science behind high intensity interval training and apply it to the water, and you've got a HIIT for your favorite format! This class isn't for the faint of heart or beginner, as it challenges your students and clients to go hard or go home. Apply general principles of aquatic exercise training and energy system essentials to create high intensity interval sequences that are fun, realistic, and deliver high-powered results. (This workshop is designed for those who have a strong endurance base and no fear of the water.)

aqua yoga
Aqua Yoga - included for free with purchase of any other workshop
Aqua Yoga - included for free with purchase of any other workshop
Sunday May 23, 2021 @  03:30:PM  —  04:00:PM MST

Aqua Yoga benefits are much the same as those on land. This includes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits. Aqua Yoga is a gentle and very low impact aquatic activity that takes the principles and movements of yoga and adapts them to the water environment. With the release of gravity, the water supports the body and one is able to find optimum stretch by allowing for greater range of motion. Participants may gain even more flexibility and find new balance in some water-based poses. Adding the rhythm of breath, an inner sense of relaxation may also be achieved.

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