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Surf the Murph & The Savage 100

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Primary Contact:
Amy Dosch
Email | 15073862966


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Surf the Murph & The Savage 100
Surf the Murph & The Savage 100
Fri, October 22, 2021 — Sat, October 23, 2021
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Surf the Murph will be held on October 23. The Savage 100 will be held October 22 & 23 and will feature a 100-mile and a 100K run. Both races will be held at Murphy-Hanrehan Park.

This is a suburban course through a beautiful park. All races are on trails with two miles of single track, although the south end of the course runs like a single track due to the horses. All races will start at 15501 Murphy Lake Road, Savage, MN. 

These events are to be competitive and fun.


Registration will open on June 1.

SWAG: To be determined. Shirt sizing is unisex.

Refunds and Bib Transfers

No refunds or bib transfers will be issued for any reason.

Registration: Closed
Event Dates

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Registration Closes
October 23, 2021 @ 11:55 pm
Murphy-Hanrehan Park
15501 Murphy Lake Road
Savage, MN  USA
Selection Options
US Dollar
Surf the Murph - October 23 (Registration: June 1 - September 30)
$ 75.00 

Starts at 8:00 am

$ 80.00 

Starts at 7:30 am

$ 85.00 

Starts at 7:00 am

50 Mile
50 Mile
$ 95.00 

Starts at 6:00 am

Savage 100 - October 22 & 23 (Registration: June 1 - September 30)
0/22 LEFT $ 120.00 

Starts at 10:00 am (32-hour time limit)

100 Mile
100 Mile
0/34 LEFT $ 160.00 

Starts at 6:00 am (36-hour time limit)

Liabllity Waiver
Liability Waiver
Liability Waiver

By completing the registration, you acknowledge that you are solely responsible for your physical and mental fitness and health and that you should consult a physician or other medical professional before participating in this race. Additionally, you agree to follow procedures that are described herein and implemented at the race to protect and establish your health. By completing the registration and participating in the race, you also understand that you are not to attend or participate in the race if you are not in good physical health or if you or someone you have been in close contact with has tested positive for COVID-19. You further agree to update South Central Service Cooperative of any changes in your health status following the race.

Liability Waiver: I understand that I am to avoid all risks and watch for and yield to vehicles. I am in the condition to participate in this event and I assume all risks including, but not limited to, the hazards of slips and falls, motor vehicles, adverse weather, bad footing, dehydration, bad road conditions, debris on the path, and all such risks being known and appreciated by me. I also agree to obey all markings on the course and directions of the volunteers, exercise all safety precautions, avoid littering and respect the property of others. I acknowledge that any interaction with the general public poses an elevated risk of being exposed to COVID-19. I acknowledge that South Central Service Cooperative and Surf the Murph 2021 have put public health and safety precautions in place to try and protect participants, but they cannot guarantee that participants will not be exposed while in attendance at the event. I further acknowledge and understand that the risk of person-to-person transmission is included in the risks of this event addressed herein.

Knowing these facts, and in consideration of your accepting my entry, I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, or anyone else on my behalf, covenant not to sue, and release the Race Committee, all organizers, all cities, and police departments with jurisdiction over the event, event volunteers, all beneficiaries, all sponsors including their agents, employees, assigns or anyone acting for or on my behalf of the above, from any and all liability for death, personal injury, property damage or loss of any kind or nature arising out of my participation in this event. This release and waiver extends to risks and claims of all kinds (except those claims related to grossly negligent, intentional, willful, or wanton acts). The race director reserves the right to delay or cancel the event because of inclement weather.The laws of the State of Minnesota govern the interpretation and enforcement of this waiver, and the courts in Nicollet, Minnesota shall be the exclusive venue for all controversies between the parties in connection with this Waiver or otherwise, and each party irrevocably consents to such exclusive venue.

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