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Continuing Education
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Infection Control in the COVID19 Era (AM); & Evolving Your P
Infection Control in the COVID19 Era (AM); & Evolving Your P
Fri, November 04, 2022 @ 09:00 AM — 04:15 PM (EDT)
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This program consists of two 3-hour sessions, with the option of attending in-person or attending virtually.

Course Description: The morning portion of this continuing education training will fulfill the 3-hour dental education requirements for infection control.

Infection Control in the COVID19 Era - 9am - 12:15pm - Recent breaches in infection control in dental offices across the USA has become a cause of concern for dental consumers. Is it safe to go to the dentist? The answer is yes when dental practitioners are compliant with recommended infection control practices. A thorough review of CDC Guidelines as well as other current CDC/OSHA infection control recommendations will be presented. Additionally, we will discuss the evolution of SARS-CoV-2. This virus causes a severe acute respiratory syndrome in some patients and this disease has been named COVID-19 (coronavirus disease-2019) and how the alarming spread of this infection in the USA has dramatically impacted dental practices. This update will provide dental providers with the latest information on the management of COVID-19 in the dental office. Paramount to controlling this pandemic are the principles of infection control and respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette which will be discussed. Emphasis will be placed on compliance issues and how the New Normal for the delivery of dental care can be achieved in 2020. 

Learning Objectives:

1. Identify the routes of transmission of infectious diseases and how to break the chain of infection in the era of COVID-19.

2. Indicate the updated recommendations for Standard Precautions in the era of COVID-19.

3. Discuss the principles of respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette to reduce the impact of COVID-19 and other respiratory diseases in the dental office. 

4. Review the latest information on the transmission, testing and management of COVID-19 as known on May 9, 2020.

Evolving Your Practice With Comprehensive Implant Dentistry: Prosthetic & Surgical Treatment Provided By the Same Hands - 1:00 pm - 4:15 pm

The primary goal of this program is to help general dentists find their "dental implant comfort zone." We live in a day and age where dental implants have essentially become the standard of care for missing teeth and the more involved and knowledgeable a well-trained general dentist is, the more

comprehensive the care they can provide for their patients. Having the skill set that allows a dentist to treatment plan, surgically place, and prosthetically restore dental implants, puts him/her in a position to truly deliver comprehensive implant care, hence improving the quality of their patients' lives, while elevating the level of their dental practice. Implant dentistry is, and must always be treated as a prosthetically driven discipline, so doesn't it make sense the dentist who will be restoring the implants is the best suited to place the implants in the most optimal locations for their future restorations? Remember, dental implants are not placed because our patients have titanium deficiencies; they're placed with the intention to restore our patients to proper form and function.

Learning Objectives:

1) Discuss 1-2 qualifiers for Identifying candidates for implant dentistry within your patient population

2) Review the process for obtaining the appropriate records to aid in treatment planning cases

3) Discuss 1-2 different treatment modalities

4) List 2-3 skills necessary to help general dentists deliver comprehensive implant care

Registration Information:

Registration closes at the end of the day on October 31. Select the "register" button on the left panel of this screen, and choose your registration type. Department of VA Registrants MUST be current employees; retired VA would register as a Community Provider.

In-Person Rates

Community Dentist - $165

Community Hygienist - $129

Community Dental Assistant/Office Staff - $115

Dept. of VA Employee - $50.00 

Virtual Rates

Community Dentist - $100

Community Hygienist - $80.00

Community Dental Assistant/Office Staff - $60.00

Dept. of VA Employee - $40.00

Evaluation and Certificate:

All attendees are required to sign in at the registration desk prior to the start of the program. Sign-in sheets will be available starting at 8:30am and will be removed at 9:30am. If you arrive later than that time, you are welcome to stay for the program, however a certificate will not be issued and no refund will be available. Virtual attendees will be required to receive an attendance rating of 90% of the content portion of the program in order to receive credit. At the conclusion of the program, an access code will be provided, you will need this access code to claim your credits. Evaluations will be emailed no later than close of business on the following Tuesday. Certificates will generate upon submission of that evaluation. CHEP does not and will not issue partial credit certificates.

Registration: Open
Event Date
9:00 AM to 4:15 PM (EDT)
Registration Closes
November 04, 2022 @ 6:00 pm
Water's Edge Events Center
4687 Millennium Drive
Belcamp, MD  USA
Community Provider
VA Employee
Virtual Attendee